Public Imagination of the World Wide Land- & Cityscape

6 Collections

As a consequence of collecting Dutch press photographs on the Dutch land- and cityscape, it is - as a rough check - interesting to see in what way press photographs in Dutch news papers differ or correspond to what is presented of other countries around  the world. The press photographs are often originating from international press companies, but choosen by the editioral boards of the Dutch news papers. Again, there are many collections formed, of which only three are presented here. Again 'bars' were frequently present, but also very aesthetic overviews of forreign land- and cityscapes. Remarkable, however, we do not learn much about Africa's land- and cityscape via press photographs. Most  press photographs show African people - the close ups of faces present, in a way, landscapes of their own. Compared to other world wide countries and cultures, it is intersting to nodtice the difefrences. For instance Asia, especially the way in which China is present in Dutch newspapers or how Islam is geographically represented in the Dutch public imagination.