Turning the city of The Hague into an International Airport

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For TodaysArt festival 2007, the Grote Markstraat in The Hague City Center —600 meters long— was transformed into a landingstrip, using 36x6 indivual controllable lights and 48 2000-Watt speakers, creating the experience of airplanes landing in the street. The landingstrip connected the two main areas of the festival, with a total of more than 25 stages throughout the city. The Volharding building, originally build in 1925 as a "sign as a building" for the cooperative De Volharding, functioned as an arrivals & departures sign, all tied together by audio-announcements of ‘incoming’ artists in eight different languages.

Routing banners were put up as wayfinding to direct people in an airport manner to the different locations.